Life Members

The Langwarrin Cricket Club have bestowed the Honour of Life Membership to the people below.

These people have chosen to put a part of their lives into our Club as players, coaches, office bearers and volunteers and inturn have been rewarded with the Club's highest Honour. 

Gary Bath
Peter Blood
Ron Bray
Jim Bren 
Dick Cavill*
Sylvia Cavill*
Barry Coutts
Alan Davie
Graham Dawes
John Dawes
Bill Ellis*
Rob Gibbs*
Frank Givvens Snr*
Rob Hinchcliffe
Roy Hutton* 
Kevin Jackson
Earl Jondahl*
Steve Kennedy
Bruce Kersey
Jan Kersey*
Geoff Lester
Larry McEvoy Snr*
Simon McEvoy
Ian Middleton
Dave Minton
Lyn Morrow
Scott Morrow
Rick Nolde
Lee Palmer
Bruce Patullo
Mary Patullo
Laurie Quinlan
Malcolm Reid
Gary Ridout
Keith Ridout
Marj Ridout*
Luke Smith
Stewart Smith
Michael Spring
Glen Turner
Daniel Weare
Mrs Wintercooke*

Damien Wust

*           Denotes Deceased